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Some links for our classroom:
  1. Week One homework questions
  2. Desmos Linear Graphing Project
  3. Car Value Presentation Template
  4. Illuminations Algebra Tiles.  
  5. Khan academy assignment #1: Click here.  
  6. Khan Academy Set Up Document
  7. Midterm Review.
  8. Generalizing Patterns Poster Project
  9. Car Value Project: Click here
  10. Rubric for Car Value Project: Click Here
  11. Statistics Miniproject: click here
  12. Desmos for Graphing Parabolas Activity


  1. How do I get to the blizzard bag

    1. Click on the "Blizzard Bags" tab above.

  2. This Week in Algebra 1

    Unit 2: Linear and Exponential Relationships

    Objective: This week we will begin our unit on Linear and Exponential Relationships, we will look at relationships that have a constant rate of change and relationships with a constant ratio. We will learn how to model real life situations with these functions.

    Essential Question: What are the similarities and differences between linear and exponential relationships.

    Monday3/20: Crossing a River Problem
    • Warm-ups/ Round the World
    • Crossing a River Problem
    • Extensions of the Crossing a River Problem
    • Exit Quiz

    Homework: Generalizing Patterns ADL

    Tuesday 3/21: Quiz Day
    • Warm-ups/Check HW
    • Unit One Quiz
    • Practice on Graphing Linear Functions

    Homework: Generalizing Patterns 4

    Wednesday 3/22: Function Notation
    • Warm-ups/Check HW
    • Notes on Slope
    • Notes and Practice on Function Notation
    • Exit Quiz

    Homework: Generalizing Patterns 5

    Thursday 3/23: Types of Functions
    • Warm-ups/ Check HW and submit.
    • Notes and Examples on types of functions
    • Problem Solving with Linear Function
    • Exit Quiz

    Homework: Generalizing Patterns JMS

    Friday 3/24: Line of Best Fit
    • Warm-ups/ Check HW, Tie up loose ends
    • Running Dice totals for Line of Best Fit
    • Generalizing Patterns 6