Algebra 1

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Some links for our classroom:
  1. Week Four homework questions
  2. Week Three homework questions
  3. Week Two homework questions
  4. Week One homework questions
  5. Desmos Linear Graphing Project
  6. Car Value Presentation Template
  7. Illuminations Algebra Tiles.  
  8. Khan academy assignment #1: Click here.  
  9. Khan Academy Set Up Document
  10. Midterm Review.
  11. Generalizing Patterns Poster Project
  12. Car Value Project: Click here
  13. The Bumper Stickers Part Two Project
  14. Who Can Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?
  15. Rubric for Car Value Project: Click Here
  16. Statistics Miniproject: click here
  17. Desmos for Graphing Parabolas Activity