Welcome to AP Statistics!

Here is a link to Project One.

Here is a link to a youtube video that will show you how to do regression on your TI.84:

Here is a link to the Against All Odds videos

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  1. AP Statistics
    Unit Two: This week we will begin our study of unit 2 on Correlation and Regression. This unit covers chapters seven through ten in your textbook.
    Assessments: Unit Test at the end of the unit, and Project One
    The big question for this week is: How do we determine if there is a meaningful association between two quantitative variables and how do we describe the relationship if there is one.

    Monday: March 13th
    • Warm-ups/ Process Homework
    • Test on Unit One

    Tuesday: March 14th
    • Warm-ups/ Process Homework
    • Beanie Baby data collecion
    • Correlation Notes
    Homework: pp.164-165: #3,6,7,9

    Wednesday: March 15th
    • Warm-ups/Check HW
    • More notes on calculating the regression equation and R2.
    • Chapter 7 investigative task.
    Homework: Read pp. 178-179 about the “Think, Show Tell” method of calculating a regression equation. Then do exercises p.169: #39; pp.192-193: #11,15,37,41

    Thursday: March 16th
    • Warm-ups/Check HW
    • Residual analysis
    Homework: Write down all the vocabulary terms from the TERMS section of pp.190-191. Go back in the chapter and read about any of the terms that seem foreign to you.

    Friday: March 17th
    • Warm-ups/Check HW
    • Begin Regression Wisdom: Notes and Examples from chapter nine.
    Homework: pp.192-193: #11,13,23,44