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Here is a link to a youtube video that will show you how to do regression on your TI.84:

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  1. This Week in AP Statistics

    Unit 5 – Introduction to Statistical Inference

    The big picture: Inferential statistics is the branch of statistics that allows us to make claims about a population by looking at statistics from a much smaller sample. Sampling distributions are the underlying models we use to make inferences.

    Essential Question: How do we use statistics to test a claim about a population proportion?

    Tuesday 5/30: More on Hypothesis Testing
    • Warm-ups/ check homework
    • Chapter 21 Notes
    • Final Project Proposals

    Homework: Chapter 21 Quiz A Practice

    Wednesday 5/31: Hypothesis Testing for Proportions
    • Warm-ups/ Check HW
    • Review Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals for Two Proportions

    Homework: Chapter 22 Quiz A Practice

    Thursday 6/1: More on Hypothesis Testing for Proportions
    • Warm-ups/ Check HW
    • Unit V Review

    Homework: Inference for Proportions Review

    Friday 6/2: Confidence Intervals for Means
    • Check HW
    • Confidence Intervals for Means